Monday, February 18, 2008

Home Improvement

This month's series was all about Marriage and the Family.

February 3
"Just the One of Us" - Unity in your marriage
I. A holy marriage is made in God's image
II. A holy marriage gives up self
III. A holy marriage keeps the spouse above other people

February 10
"TNT: Handle with Care" - The explosive nature of bringing up teens
I. Team - Parenting is a partnership
II. Nurture - Parents must learn to listen and encourage
III. Train - Parents must both teach and model the Christian life

February 17
"Playground of the Mind" - Adultery begins in thoughts and fantasies
I. Decide to keep your eyes in check
II. Decide not to place yourself in tough situations
III. Decide not to complain about your spouse

February 24 through March 23 is the Journey to Jerusalem.

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